Monday, March 9, 2009

On Page Search Engine Optimization Tips

Now that I assume you had a blog with content which you had written with great passion.However,no matter how great your content maybe,if there is nobody to read it you can't generate profit from it.In my previous you have seen how to submit your blog to three major search engines.You should try to get your site among the top search results inorder to improve your CTR( click through rate).The art of getting your blog or website onto high ranking on search result pages is called Search Engine Optimization(SEO).It is very complex to understand.Let us try to learn it slowly.We may not become masters of it in a fortnight but definitely we can make use of these small On page SEO tips  to our advantage.
SEO can be classified into two types.On page seo and Off page seo.let us see about "On page seo tips" in this post.Off page seo will be discussed in the coming posts.On page search engine optimization means optimizing your page for search engines by taking care of the keywords and how they are placed at different places in your posts.Feeling difficult to understand.So lets understand this with an example.Let us take the keyword for this post.As this is about search engine ooptimization most likely keyword is SEO.When someone types SEO in google the number of results that you get are 272,000,000.If we slightly modify it to "On page SEO notes"then google lists 277,000 results.Compared to first search term this is far better.Here you are facing less competition and is more manageable.So you need to take care to write your keywords accordingly.
Here are some of the tips.Your main keyword should be included in the title of your posts.Also include it in your post content so that search engines can know what your page is about.You should understand one term "keyword density" here.It refers to the number of times the keyword appears in the blog content.Please be careful onthe number of times you include it in your post because using it more than necessary may be harmful as search engines may think that you are spamming and your ranking may further fall.Alwasys keep in mind that you are writing for people who read your blog and you may loose them by spamming.Also keep the leywords in bold letters whereever it is necessary.
This is just only an introduction for "On page SEO tips".Keep reading for more such articles.