Wednesday, February 25, 2009

STEP3:-Applying for adsense

Until now we have seen how to post in our blog and you have to do this regularly inorder to keep your blog alive.Next step is applying for adsense for your blog.One should follow this step carefully because google is very particular about approving applications for adsense.Be sure that your blog strictly follows the TOS(Terms of Service) of google without which you will be in danger of getting your adsense application disapproved.Also if you are applying adsense for a site then it is must that your site must be atleast 6 months old and should be getting good traffic.Where as for a blog there are no such restrictions.You can get your blog approved for adsense in less tahn a week provided your blog has good content.Also google has the credibility for approving for adsense in less time without much restrictions which is not the case for sites.Once your blog is approved there is no need to apply again for other blogs or sites of yours.You can use that on as many blogs and sites you want (as long as all of them are strictly following the google TOS).So all you have to do is get your blog approved for adsense for just once and when it is done you are ready to launch an avalanche of blogs and place adsense on all of them.Its as easy as that.
Now let us see the step by step process of how to apply for adsense for your blog.But please make sure that the content in your blog is regularly updated which helps in your blog being readily approved by google.

1. Log into your blogger account or click on dashboard if you are already logged in.You will see the name of your blog and below that you will see Layout.just click on it.
2. Now you will see the columns Page Elements,Fonts and Colors,Edit HTML,Pick New Template and Monetize.Click on Page Elements.
3. Now you will be seeing the design window of your blog.In that window in the sidebar you will see an option "Add a Gadget".Click on it.A window will popup.
4. In that pop up window you will see different applications that can be added to your blog.Scroll down and you can see the AdSense application.Click on it.
5. As you are starting signup for an adsense account using your gmail ID and fill in the details correctly.The address you provide there is the one to which google will send the checks monthly.Be careful while entering the payee name and country because you cant change that once your account is created.Complete the signup process.Also remeber the PIN code which you provided.
6. Once you are done you will get a confirmation mail.Open it and click on the link provided by google to cnfirm your email address.Complete the rest of the registration process.
7. Google will take around a week to approve your application and meanwhile they will be serving "Public Service Announcements" (PSA's) .You dont get any revenue for these ads.
8. Check your blog and you should be seeing the PSA's displaying in your blog.Congrats you have successfully applied to adsense.Wait until google approves and meanwhile just keep posting good content.

You can increase the no. of places where you can place ads in your blogs by just clicking on Add a Gadget and then choosing adsense.Just remeber to save the changes you have applied.

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